**This shop is closed until 7/24 while I am at SDCC**

This is where you can get the bulk of my merchandise online. Prints, postcards, buttons, magnets, and metal prints can be found here.

**This shop is closed until 7/24 while I am at SDCC**

I also sell on Etsy, where you can find much of the same items as in my main store, but I don't have metal prints or a few misc. items on there.

Just a different option and also gives you a way to pay through Paypal.

 I am sorry to say that all Star Wars themed shirts have been removed from TeeFury. Right now only Hairy Pawter, 10th Doctor Mew, and Strange Fur Things are available.

 T-shirts can be found here! Also, mugs, phone cases, throw pillows, tote bags and other goodies.

More T-shirts and phone cases! This is the only site that currently offers the Tardis Cat image on shirts and phone cases.

Star Trek Cats t-shirts made by We Love Fine!

You can get Spock, Picard and Geordi through the We Love Fine websitehttp://community.welovefine.com/profile/556408/JENNY-PARKS

Or you can find Spock and Captain Picard at any local Hot Topic!

The Picard Cat shirt is also on the Hot Topic Websitehttp://www.hottopic.com/product/star-trek-engage-cat-t-shirt/10701174.html