Star Trek Cats Books and Merch!

This is where you can get the bulk of my merchandise online. Prints, postcards, buttons, magnets, and metal prints can be found here.

I also sell on Etsy, where you can find much of the same items as in my main store, but I don't have metal prints or a few misc. items on there.

Just a different option and also gives you a way to pay through Paypal.

 I am sorry to say that all Star Wars themed shirts have been removed from TeeFury. Right now only Hairy Pawter, 10th Doctor Mew, and Strange Fur Things are available.

 T-shirts can be found here! Also, mugs, phone cases, throw pillows, tote bags and other goodies.

More T-shirts and phone cases! This is the only site that currently offers the Tardis Cat image on shirts and phone cases.

Star Trek Cats t-shirts made by We Love Fine!

You can get Spock, Picard and Geordi through the We Love Fine website

DC and Supernatural Shirts at Hot topic

New shirt now available at Hot Topic!

(Supernatural Shirt doesn’t appear to be on the website, but might still be available in stores)


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