What happened to the Star Trek Cats/Next Gen Cats posters and why are they no longer for sale??

Because the Star Trek Cats book is officially licensed with CBS, that means all merch I had previously made can no longer be sold. All Star Trek Cats merch has to now be licensed. I will be selling the books here on my website, and hopefully more STC merch will get made in the near future. For those hoping for TNG: Keep an eye out Spring 2018!


Will you draw my cat/dog as _____? / Do you take commissions?

I take commissions very rarely and only open up several slots at a time. I no longer announce when they are open on my website or social media. The only way to be informed when they are opening is to sign up for my mailing list. http://www.jennyparks.com/mailing-list/


I really like ______, will you draw them as a cat next? / Do you take requests?

Short answer: No. Long answer: I usually draw what I personally love or at least am familiar with, have read or seen the book/show/movie. I don't mind getting suggestions but keep in mind I rarely take them, unless it is something I actually really want to do. If it is super obscure and I am not a fan of it, I'm afraid there is little chance of it happening. If it's popular and I'm getting tons of requests for the same thing, I might start to consider it. A way to have some influence and vote on what I do, however, is to become a Patreon member: https://www.patreon.com/jennyparks


What inspired you to draw pop culture characters as cats?

Strangely, it wasn’t some big “aha!” moment. I actually just liked drawing cats since I was a kid and didn’t much care for drawing people. I don’t even know why I decided to start drawing characters as cats, but I know one of the first I ever drew were some “Phantom of the Opera” cats when I was 12. The Doctor Who cats first happened when I was in high school. Then a few years after I graduated from art school, I randomly decided to re-visit the Doctor cats for fun, making them more realistic, which is the version everyone knows now. It all kind of escalated from there.


Why Cats?

Why not???


Do you have any cats? How many? What are their names?

I have two! Mab, who is a black domestic short hair, and Mamoko, who is a black and white DSH.

A rare moment with Moko and Mab laying next to each other. :0

A rare moment with Moko and Mab laying next to each other. :0

What medium do you use?

I now paint almost exclusively with digital media. I use a Cintiq 27QHD tablet and Photoshop. On the occasion I feel like using traditional media, I use either gouache, watercolor, or ink wash.